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Facebook.com is a social networking service that allows people all around the world to connect and share through mobile devices and personal computers. The company created a one of a kind online platform which provides users with advanced web tools that they can use to connect with people they love in a highly interactive way, and they can also share stuff that matters through posts, pages, groups, chat, email, photos, videos, and more. Facebook develops technologies that make exchanging information through the social graph very easy, thus creating an accurate digital map of all the connections that exist between people in the real world.

Anyone can create a free Facebook account and interact with people they know in a safe and secure environment that guarantees users’ privacy, as well as the utmost protection of their personal information and data.

How to Sign Up for Facebook

1. Go to www.facebook.com/r.php.

2. Now fill out the registration form in the center of the page. First enter your name in the “First Name” field box at the top.

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3. Enter your last name.

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4. Enter your email address or number.

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5. Type in your email address or number one more time in order to make sure that it is indeed the right one.

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6. Create and then enter a new password for your account.

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7. Tell them when’s your birthday by selecting the appropriate dates from the drop down menu.

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8. Check “Female” if you are a girl/woman, or “Male” if you’re a boy/man.

facebook create account step 7

9. Click the green “Sign Up” button and you’re done!

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Keep in mind that if you want to create an account at Facebook.com you must be at least 13 years old. Also, don’t forget that the company allows each user to have one account only, so don’t go crazy setting up new profiles because they will find out and then you’ll get banned. The network does not allow joint accounts either, you can only sign up for one account per email address, and they require everyone to use their real names so that other users know who they’re connecting with.


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