PayPal New Account
paypal logo is perhaps the best service in the world to send money and make payments online, it’s also very popular among companies and entrepreneurs because they can easily set up a merchant account to manage their businesses on the web. In this page you will find everything you need to start using the service right away, if that’s what you want of course, find out how to create a new account, and once you’ve signed up we will also show you how to login.

How to Sign Up for PayPal

1. Go to

2. Choose from 2 types of accounts “Personal Account” or “Business Account” and click “Continue”.

select from two types of accounts

3. Complete the sign up form, first enter your email address.

complete the sign up form

4. Create your password.

5. Confirm your newly created password and click “Continue”.

6. Now on the next page enter your first name in the “Legal First Name” text box.

paypals second sign up form

7. Type your last name in the second field box.

8. Type in your street address.

9. Enter the name of the city where you live.

10. Select your city’s state from the drop down menu.

11. Type in your zip code.

12. Enter your phone number.

13. Check the box at the bottom to confirm that you have read and agreed to PayPal’s user agreement, privacy policy, and electronics communications delivery policy.

14. Click on “Agree and Create Account”.

15. Done!

PayPal Login

1. Go to

2. Type your email address in the “Email Address” text box on the left.

paypal login page

3. Enter your password.

4. Click “Log In”.

Creating a new PayPal account and logging in is probably one of the easiest things to do on earth. I hope you haven’t had any problems accessing your account, if you do just ask us for help and we’ll be glad to work on whatever your problem is.

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