Pinterest is a social discovery app that’s available on the web and mobile devices as well, people all around the globe can use this service to discover, collect, share, and store images for free. However, free storage and image sharing is definitely not what the site is all about, its true objective is to “discover and save ideas on Pinterest” so that you can use them later to find inspiration for your own projects.

After creating an account you can pin any image that you want to save on the web or right there on Pins are basically visual bookmarks, they are better known as “Pin Boards”, and the best thing about them is that you can add anything you want to your boards by pinning images you like. Once you’ve gathered enough images, you can proceed to organize them however you want. Keep in mind that “Pins” can be organized by theme or topic, so make sure to create well thought out pin boards that allow users to easily find what they’re looking for, that way you’ll get more followers, and you will also help improve the site’s experience for users.

How to Sign Up for Pinterest

1. Go to

2. Now type in your email address in the “Email” field box that you’ll see in the center of your screen.

pinterest new account sign up step 1

3. Create your password.

pinterest new account sign up step 2

4. Now simply click on the red button that says “Sign Up” and that’s all!

pinterest sign up button

Create New Account With Facebook

If you have a Facebook account and you’re already logged in, then you should use this option instead to save some time. Simply go to the sign up page, click on the blue button at the top that says “Continue With Facebook” (see image below),

pinterest sign up with facebook

accept the app and the terms of service of the site, and you’re done.

After creating your account you will be able to login right away to start pinning images on the web that you’ll then be able to organize by creating your own unique pin boards on


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