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Yahoo Mail is a free email service offered by Yahoo!, the service is very popular worldwide because it provides 1TB of free mail storage, mobile support as well as apps for iOS and Android devices, and many more features that you can quickly access through your inbox such as your very own notepad, calendar, search, instant messages, and contacts. Another cool thing about Yahoo’s email service is that you can easily personalize your inbox with unique themes, and you can also organize your mail in a way that makes to you for better use and understanding.

How to Sign Up for Yahoo Mail

1. Go to

2. Complete the registration form in the center of the page. Type your first name in the first blank text field at the top left side of the page.

yahoo mail step 1

3. Type your last name in the second field box.

yahoo mail step 2

4. Choose your Yahoo! username.

yahoo mail step 3

5. Create a password for your new Yahoo Mail account.

yahoo mail step 4

6. Enter mobile number.

yahoo mail step 5

7. Select your date of birth from the drop down menu.

yahoo mail step 6

8. Specify your gender, simply check “Male” or “Female” depending on your status.

yahoo mail step 7

9. Now click on the “Create Account” button at the bottom of the registration form and you’re done!

yahoo mail step 8

After creating an account you will be able to login to start taking advantage of all the great tools and features that the service offers.

You can go through this process as many times as you want to create as many Yahoo Mail accounts as you want, however, I recommend that you should just pick one and stick to it in order to avoid confusion, because having too many accounts can be overwhelming and may result in lost emails, lost passwords, and other common problems that millions of users have dealt with in the past.


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